DINNERS All dinners come with Rice & Peas and Cornbread

BBQ Chicken


BBQ Ribs


Chopped Barbecue

Fried Chicken



BBQ Chicken

(Quarters only)

Chopped Barbecue

Fried Chicken


BBQ Double Cheeseburger

BBQ Cheeseburger



A fluffy cake-like version of cornbread isn’t like anything you’ve had before

Collard Greens (or other seasonal greens)

A southern favorite, made fresh with smoked turkey


Whether the grill is fired up at our home or yours, the full experience of the meat isn’t the same without the right ‘slaw!

Potato Salad

Not the typical potato salad you get up north. Jrama’s offers a sweet, creamy version containing eggs, onions and bite-sized potatoes.


Experience the flavor of a homemade staple that’s big on flavor.

Spicy Cabbage

Its cabbage that’s colorful, flavorful with just the right kick in heat. Meatless and for those who refuse to open belt buckles while eating.

Candied Yams

No need to wait for the holidays. Jrama's makes yams with just the right amount of "candy" all year round.


Peach Cobbler

New Yorkers who steal peaches from the state of Georgia work in the kitchen. It’s sloppy, sweet, awesomeness only available here in the Southern Tier!

Coconut Pie

Southern coconut custard filling baked and then topped with coconut flakes.

Sweet Potato Pie

We’ve decided it’s the sweetest thing on our menu and urge you to proceed with caution. Northern pumpkin pie defectors are welcomed here.

Chocolate Cake

Rich chocolate cake made with real Hershey's cocoa. Vanilla or Chocolate frosting

BEVERAGES - Jrama’s Soulfood Grille offers Coca-Cola Products


Diet Coke



Jrama’s Sweet Tea

You’ve visited enough restaurants, and if you have to add sugar, it’s just not sweet tea and that’s just not southern!

Jrama’s Half-n-Half

Our version of lemonade and sweet tea.