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Welcome to Jrama’s Soulfood Grille & Barbecue Pit. Thank you for visiting our webpage!

Jrama’s is excited to bring you the best of Southern cooking in the Southern Tier.

Comfort Food With Family History and American Tradition in Every Bite

BBQ and soul-inspired recipes passed down for three generations

Maya Angelou once said that “the best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread and fried chicken.” While she didn’t mention Jrama’s insane BBQ pork or our perfected mac-n-cheese, we agree with the general message of the statement – food that brings people together and is rich in American tradition is the best comfort food. At Jrama’s Soul Food Grille & BBQ Pit, we know that good food does more than feed the body, it feeds the soul. Come grab a plate and experience a taste of history and tradition you won’t find anywhere else!

It doesn’t get any better than family recipes and fresh ingredients

Part of what makes the food at Jrama’s Soul Food Grille & BBQ Pit so good is the fact that our family recipes have been handed down and perfected for over three generations. After many trial and error concoctions, we’ve found the recipe for the best mac-n-cheese! The other factor that makes our comfort food the best around is our insistence on using only fresh, quality ingredients and making all of our dishes from scratch. We’re firing up the pit daily and making everything fresh from our cornbread to our fried fish.

We respect our food and the history behind it. Did you know that sweet potato pie originated as a slave adaptation of the pumpkin pie? Or that pork barbecues go all the way back to the early colonial settlements? We did! We are interested in the origins of our delicious dishes because we feel that knowledge is vital to continuously improving the recipes while preserving the history behind them. We invite you to come share the deep history behind comfort cuisine with us.

Healthy can be comforting, too!

Comfort food nourishes more than the soul. While some of our dishes, like our cakes and sweet potato pies, satisfy the sweet tooth, we have many health-conscious items on our menu as well. BBQ chicken quarters, collard greens and spicy cabbage are a delicious, healthy combination. Get the best of both worlds at Jrama’s Soul Food Grille & BBQ Pit!

Try lower calorie items like BBQ chicken, collard greens (made with smoked turkey) and spicy cabbage (meatless with a kick) are a delicious combination. Get the best of both worlds at Jrama’s Soul Food Grille & BBQ Pit!

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